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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Navigating the Journal Pages


  • New posts each get their own post page, with room for reader comments.
  • While new, posts also appears on the main page, without comments, and the title links to their true home, the post page.
  • With time, posts cycle off the main page into the archives, alongside other posts from the given month, now presented in truncated form to assist searching.
  • Titles in the sidebar link to a post page. The list varies depending on your location.


The link "x comments" below each post opens the "add comment" screen. Previous comments appear there for reference. "Post a comment" occurs after all comments on the post page and acts identically.


The Custom search engine is not flawless. Getting Google to index every page is something of a career these days, but the designer (and your momentary author) has set up a sitemap which automatically updates as pages are added, and hopes Google will do its' part.

If you can't find something with a search, you can either browse the archives or
e-mail your question to Lee from the contact page link.

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