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Monday, November 5, 2007

Lettering: The Armory's Historiscope

This was a really fun job. I was asked to letter the sides of this device by its' creators, Second Story Interactive Studios. For the unfamiliar, the Armory, built in 1891, was purchased by Portland Center Stage, renovated, and re-opened in 2006 as The Gerding Theater.

In the grand lobby one finds The Historiscope - best described by Second Story themselves:

The Historiscope: A Raree-Show & History of the Armory is a portable peep show cabinet with two viewing portals through which visitors can peer into the Armory's colorful past. Six push buttons start playful mechanically inspired stage show animations that feature highlights from each era; following each show visitors can use the wooden joystick to reveal slides with archival pictures and information. Without any apparent signs of technology, this free-standing unit can be moved to different locations throughout the building.

The lobby is open to the public, and short of going down there and peeping yourself (I've never seen anything like it) the best way to see more, read more and even do a little peeping is at Second Story's Gerding Theater page.

It was really a matter of when to stop with this job. Other than the time constraints involved in a two sided job, I was able to proceed fairly loosely.

Looking through the viewport, the action is captured momentarily with a camera. Like I said, the real experience is worth a trip down there. There's a cafe that bakes sweets in the lobby, and it's a nice little in-town adventure.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Objectivity, as a method of philosophy, is dependent upon the presupposition distinguishing references in the field of epistemology regarding the ontological status of a possible objective reality, and the state of being objective in regard to references towards whatever is considered as objective reality. In other words, what is real and how do we know what we infer about the real is true.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

List Tests

Traditional techniques and modern processes both have a place in our shop.

  • Lee's Better Letters
  • 5932 SE 111th Ave
    indented second line
  • Portland, OR 97266

Etiam accumsan aliquam justo.

  1. Lee's Better Letters
  2. 5932 SE 111th Ave
  3. Portland, OR 97266
  4. 5932 SE 111th Ave
  5. Portland, OR 97266

Nulla placerat purus eu mi. Curabitur turpis neque, cursus at, pulvinar in, rutrum id, lacus.

  • Test and one two three
  • If one were to ask
  • Man learns from history
    that man learns nothing from..
Thursday, June 21, 2007

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